Legal Consultancy
    Al Aghbari & Partners Law Firm provides legal consultancy on a wide range of issues,
    including advice relating to the conclusion of contracts and agreements, company
    establishment, banking and real estate matters such as matters related to ownership
    and leasing. In addition, we provide consultancy to industrial and commercial entities,
    projects and organizations; as well as services to our clients in the contracting field
    and numerous other sectors. We also offer advice on intellectual property and
    intangible rights, on the registration and protection of such rights; as well as advice
    with regards to insurance-related issues, including maritime insurance, maritime
    transport contracts; and labor related issues, on the rights of employers and workers.
Litigation: Civil, Commercial, Criminal, Labor and Administrative Litigation
    Al Aghbari & Partners Law Firm is characterized by the presence of a group of
    prominent lawyers who are able to represent clients before the various specialized
    courts of different levels, from the Court of First Instance to the Supreme Court,
    whether in commercial, civil, or criminal cases for the Firm’s permanent clients. For
    instance, Al-Aghbari & Partners Law Firm represents its clients in disputes in the
    following practice areas: banking, commercial contracts, debt, contracting,
    trademarks, corporate, real estate, labor, in addition to administrative and tax related
Drafting and Reviewing of Contracts and Agreements
    Al Aghbari & Partners Law Firm reviews and drafts both local and international
    contracts and agreements concluded within the various legal practice areas and
    provides clients with advice in relation thereto.
Corporate Establishment and Liquidation
    The establishment and management of companies is a difficult, expensive and time
    consuming task, hence we assist our clients in establishing their companies and in
    choosing the most appropriate legal form, based on a comprehensive and objective
    study. We provide consultancy, valuable long-term assistance and manage any
    notarization, registration or liquidation procedures on behalf of our clients, with the
    relevant authorities.
Registration of Commercial Agencies and Protection of IP Rights
    Al Aghbari & Partners Law Firm provides legal services in relation to commercial
    agencies, in accordance with the Commercial Agencies Law of Yemen, in addition to
    services related to the protection of IP rights with the relevant authorities in the
    Republic of Yemen.
Corporate Governance
    In the field of corporate governance, Al-Aghbari & Partners Law Firm provides advice
    on company structure; on the distribution of the roles and responsibilities amongst
    the different members of the company, including the board of directors, managers
    and shareholders; and; on the establishment of internal rules, policies and
    procedures  to be used for the day to day management of the company. In addition,
    we assist companies in determining and establishing their goals and advise them on
    the best means of achieving them; as well as following up on the company’s
    performance to ensure its success and continuity.
    Al Aghbari & Partners Law Firm has extensive experience in the field of arbitration
    and the provision of various arbitration services whether in the form of consultations;
    or by representing clients during arbitral proceedings; or through the appointment of
    one of the members of the Firm as an Arbitrator. Further, we provide legal assistance
    to law firms involved in international arbitration proceedings, in cases where one of
    the parties, whether a public or private entity, is in the Republic of Yemen.
Inheritance Distribution  
    Al Aghbari & Partners Law Firm provides inheritance distribution services via the
    services of excellent judicial expertise.
Attending Meetings
    Al Aghbari & Partners Law Firm attends meetings in the client’s premises, at the
    relevant government authorities or with third parties at the request of the client.
Our Services
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